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South African Property Transfer Guide


Did you know that SAPTG, www.saptg.co.za, has been supplying the Real Estate Industry with trusted Deeds data since 1993 and CyberAgent software solutions since 1999?

Did you know that our 9 million records are used by members of the public and by thousands of agents, valuers and investors countrywide?

Did you know that we can help you make informed decisions and get help with?

  • Property valuations
  • Ownership details
  • Property maps
  • Determining market share
  • Statistical suburb analysis
  • Predictive pricing models
  • Compiling a canvassing sheet

Did you know that our Interface is far more superior to any other currently available in the market?

The NEW interface includes a comprehensive canvassing tool and also includes;

  • Easy and comprehensive search functionality based on saved Buyers and Sellers
  • Properties currently owned as well as properties sold
  • Filter on numerous custom fields like:
    • Birthday’s
    • Agent/user
    • Valid cell numbers, email and physical addresses
    • Status
  • Sending of bulk SMS and emails to search results. Both include opt out options for recipients
  • Scheduling of automatic SMS and email runs
  • Recording of all correspondence with contacts including SMS and emails sent

Our Reports

One of the biggest improvements is the reporting. We've done a comparison and the SAPTG reports are light-years ahead of the reports that are currently in the market

  1. SAPTG reports are fully customizable including logos and colours. The only reference to us would be the copyright and terms and conditions in the report.
  2. Buyer, seller and bond information is all grouped together and not split between maps
  3. We have active links on our report with regards to property sales in the street and radius so one can easily edit / view the property
  4. If a sectional title property, all sectional title units will be listed including the current owners
  5. We include Town trends on our report
  6. We include the last 5 years sales within the sectional title including a graph.
  7. We include suburb trends graph AND data showing high, low, value, median number of sales as well as average days it took to register. We provide this data for Sectional title and full title sales.
  8. We include residential information relating to sectional title and full title on buyers and sellers age groupings for the past 5 years.
  9. Include income spreads based on previous (not latest yet) census information.
  10. Grouped amenities in a more readable format.


If the deeds office have it we have it! Our data dates back to 1856 and is updated within 2 days after receiving it from the deeds office. This also includes sectional and complex units

Easy Search with Google Maps

SAPTG is now fully integrated with Google Maps. Once you have selected a property, you can click on another stand on the map to view a summery of that property's information. You can also load another property's info directly from this screen.

Registration and Sales Virtualization

This great new feature makes it possible to view all sales in a specific area. You can filter the view by selecting a price range, property size, times sold and timeline.

By enabling the "heat map" you can easily identify the most active areas in a suburb or city. Turn the "colour icons" on to see how the active areas have changed over the years. For more information click on the following link; http://www.cyberagent.co.za/canewsletter27jun13_2.shp

Affordable credit checks and client information now in 1..2..3 easy steps!


  • Have you ever had a client's id number but no contact details?
  • Do you need a Credit Report on buyers?
  • Do you need a credit report on a potential tenant?
  • Are you looking for bulk import of client information?


Through our SAPTG interface we now have links to TransUnion’s data.  The process of obtaining data is accomplished by simply clicking on a button and requesting the data. The data is then returned to you via the SAPTG web site. You then have the option to import all the data or just partially import the data you need.

In the case of a credit report you have an option to print the Credit Report into PDF, Word or plain text formats. You can then also save this information for later use

To look up an ID number via our interface takes just 30 seconds, and all the data received is displayed for you.

The whole credit report process involves 2 clicks and the data is available in less than 2 minutes.


After downloading and complete the registration agreement this wonderful feature will be activate for your use within 24 hours. 

Can I acquire data in bulk?

To make it easy for our users we’ve created an option to import data in bulk. You can look up a whole suburb's ID numbers. This Bulk Import process does take longer than looking up one ID number.

  • You would request the ID numbers
  • We will calculate the cost per ID number
  • You would then have to pay a 50% deposit
  • Once we have received this deposit, we initiate the bulk request
  • Data found on the ID numbers is then returned
  • We calculate the final cost as there might be ID’s where not data was returned
  • Once fully paid we will make this data available to you. We can then also import this data into your contact information
  • Once you have the bulk information, it is available for you to view at any time.

What is the cost?


Due to an increase from our service provider we are longer able to support the current pricing structure.

As from 01 November 2015 the following prices for TransUnion tracing will apply;

Single Trace Bulk Trace
  500-1000 1000-5000 5000+
R5.45 R4.20 R3.50 R3.10
NB! - Prices Exclude VAT

What do you get for R 5.45?

  • Full Name Details
  • Last 3 known Residential Addresses
  • Last 3 known Postal Addresses
  • Last 3 Home Phone Numbers
  • Last 3 Employers
  • Spouse's Details
  • Last 3 Work Numbers
  • Last 3 Mobile Numbers
  • Last known Email Address


As part of our service to all our users we strive to continuously add now products.

Data users now have the ability to either use TransUnion or Dracore for data tracing.

As from 01 November 2015 the following prices for Dracore tracing will apply;

Single Trace Bulk Trace
  500-1000 1000-5000 5000+
R3.45 R3.05 R2.65 R2.25
NB! - Prices Exclude VAT

What do you get for R 3.45?

  • Full Name Details
  • Home Phone Number
  • Last known Employer
  • Occupation
  • Last known Work Number
  • Last known Mobile Number
  • Last known Email Address

For information contact our support desk:

Tel: 011 955 9100
Email: support@tivvit.com
Web: www.saptg.co.za


Monthly R 695 R 495 R 275
Reports 240 120 35
Cost per AVM R35 R 35 R 35
  • Reports include property (CAV), transfer and suburb reports.
  • All other functionality like saving of property, buyers and sellers are at no extra cost
  • SMS message are charged at 33 cents with a minimum of R 50 per month, 166 messages included
  • Bulk email are charge at R 20 per 1000 emails



Contact Us

For more information about
SAPTG contact our support

Email: support@tivvit.com
Tel: 011 955 9100