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Bellville Property for sale | Valuations 12-17 | CyberProp

  1. 1. Type in the City, Suburb or Street name and then select the info you want from the selection in the drop down menu. Next click on the Quick Search button. The data which you have selected will automatically populated the advance search options. You can now scroll down to below the advance search option to view the results.
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Filter: City = Bellville and Suburb = Bellville
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Type   Erf No From    To    Portion  To   
8 Properties returned  (Max 80 records)
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Report No Street Erf Port Suburb/City Owner (partial) Property Type U No
2 Ampere Street Property Report... 2 AMPERE STREET 24022 0 Bellville, Bellville
(Stikland Industrial)
City . . . Full Title 0
99 Keuka Street Property Report... 99 KEUKA STREET 13602 0 Bellville, Bellville
(Stikland Industrial)
Cape . . . Full Title 0
101 Keuka Street Property Report... 101 KEUKA STREET 13603 0 Bellville, Bellville
(Stikland Industrial)
Cape . . . Full Title 0
20 La Belle Road Property Report... 20 LA BELLE ROAD 24021 0 Bellville, Bellville
(Stikland Industrial)
Regional . . . Full Title 0
11 Loevenstein Park Street Property Report... 11 LOEVENSTEIN PARK STREET 34798 0 Bellville, Bellville
Prangley . . . Full Title 0
No Street Property Report...   No Street 21828 0 Bellville, Bellville
(Stikland Industrial)
South . . . Full Title 0
84 Poussion Street Property Report... 84 POUSSION STREET 1166 0 Bellville, Bellville
Arendse . . . Full Title 0
103 Strand Street Property Report... 103 STRAND STREET 13604 0 Bellville, Bellville
(Stikland Industrial)
Cape . . . Full Title 0
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