SAPTG – Questions & Answers

Q: What difference is there in using the Deeds Property tab and the Transfers tab.
A: Deeds Property tab more used to search for a specific listing / complex (units) and sales based on the listing selected. The Deeds / CAV tab also ignores the Sales and transfers dates and returns Property search results. The transfers tabs allows you to focus on sales / transfers in a Province – City – Suburb etc within a specific time period.. A date range must be selected in order to draw the sales and transfer records

Q: When searching is it easier to use all the info at hand or should you rather use less info?
A: Less is more.

Q: How should you log out of the SAPTG interface?
A: Go to SAPTG dashboard and click on logout. If this is not done the user will be unable to log back in and the account needs to be reset.

Q: Can a company logo be added to reports?
A: Yes. Admin login. User / Agency setup / Report logo’s and letterheads

Q: Can information that’s not needed in the CAV report be left out in order to draw smaller report?
A: Yes, when report has been generated the options to include / excluded page / info is available.

Q: Does the contacts tab search the Deeds data?
A: No. It allows you to manage saved Buyers and Sellers information.

Q: Does SAPTG also supply telephone numbers and e-mails of clients?
A: No. Only deeds information is available as at time of sale / registration.

Q: Why don’t I have the user/agency setup tab on my SAPTG?
A: You must login with your admin credentials and the tab will be there, because agent logins don’t show you the user/agency setup tab.

Q: I am only looking for unit no 2 , but it says “unit no______ to ­­­­­­­______"
A: You type in unit no 2 in both blocks

Q: I can’t find transfers from 1993-2003
A: Change your between date to a date further back in time