• Real-estate data and property statistics for professionals and the public
  • Once-off reports for a small fee or full access via our monthly subscription
  • Data from 1856
  • Weekly data updating on the same day it is received from the Deeds Office
  • Data managed by Tivvit Solutions

Estate agents, investors, homeowners, journalists and many more consult the South African Property Transfer Guide (SAPTG) as their premier source of property market information on a daily basis.

SAPTG consist out of the most up to date data in the country with some transfers dating back as far as 1856. Data received weekly from the South African Deeds Office is updated the same day into the data warehouse.


  • Ownership information: Any property in South Africa, multiple owners, full names, ID numbers, number of properties owned by a specific person
  • Property information: including sale price, date sold, date registered, all mortgage bonds registered, closest amenities, comparative data, street sales, suburb sales of full-title, sectional title and agricultural land
  • Analytical information: Median price growth trends over 1, 3 or 5 years, sales volumes, average price, highest/lowest price in a suburb, price bands and predicted market value (AVM)
  • Full calendar function: Setup tasks and reminders


  • No more ridiculous costs for transfer records from the deeds office from one or other website that sells "live data feed"
  • If the deeds office have it we have it!
  • Deeds data management tool - Our Tivvit interface makes it possible to record additional property information like bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and many more information relating to a specific property. This information is your information. Nobody but YOU can access and modify this data
  • Canvassing tools - You can record additional buyer and seller information like contact details, spouse and other personal data and also link a user/agent to it. You can even record all correspondence between you and the buyer/seller
  • You can use your valuable information - Once the contact information like cell phone numbers and email addresses have been captured, bulk emails and SMS messages can be sent from within the website to your contact database
  • Every SMS or email sent is recorded in the correspondence of every contact. SMS messages and email includes by default Opt Out functionality. It also enables the receiver of a SMS or email to reply on what was sent to him.
  • Powerful filters - Easy ways to order contacts by street, suburb or even a whole city
  • Backup of data - All your data are saved online and accessible from anywhere including Ipads and Android devices
  • Customization of all reports. You can upload your own logo and set the colours of the reports to your own colour scheme, making you even more unique in the market. For a nominal fee we can set up template reports for you that you will be able to use in future

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