NEW in CyberAgent and SAPTG -
Valuers Module

We are proud to introduce a great new module added to SAPG aimed at Valuers that will assist in keeping track of new, closed and ongoing property valuations. Once logged in to SAPTG or CyberAgent's SAPTG Module, you will see a new tab called "Valuers "

SAPTG Website:

CyberAgent Anywhere Website:

This new module allows you to capture all relevant information pertaining to a valuation including:

  • Property Information
  • Property Features
  • Required Certificates
  • Remarks
  • Comparison (Select Competing Properties)
  • Property Pictures & Descriptions
  • and much more

This valuation can then be printed. The Excel report is created for use in Excel and includes all relevant information and pictures. Custom reports can be done on request.

The Valuers module will also make it easy to view all Open, Closed and Valuations.

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Should you have any questions, please contact our support desk on
0861 6666 98 or email